Day 70: Pray for MH 370

Before I begin updating all of you on my blog today.. Let us all take a minute and say a prayer for all the passengers and crew on board Flight MH 370 and also to all the family and loved ones of MH 370.  And a special prayer to the Search and Rescue team who are all volunteering-ly pouring in to help our country look for the missing flight. 

Such a dark day for us.. But let's not give up hope and pray. For everything to be sorted out soon and the truth be reviled later on. 

So, my dear readers.. Forgive me for not blogging for the past 9 days!  Sorry la folks. Really have been insanely busy. With work,  with the house and loads more.. 

The house is currently undergoing some 'makeover' as I call it. Trying to get things sorted ASAP. It's in a mess currently because of all the dust and dirt going on.. Just want to make this place feel more like home.. A place we can come home to one day. Besides, I love the view that I have now.. Not sure if you all can see this picture, but here is the view. Spectacular. 

So I started painting again.. I missed this so much. It's so therapeutical and so relaxing.. 

Even Iggy loves to watch me colour. Sometimes, she helps too.

Now, with Iggy update. Lately, she has been sooooooo naughty. Whenever I'm out of the house.. I put her in the cage she will manage to find a way to squeeze her way out of the cage just to crawl her way towards the mirror to check herself out.. Then again.. She thinks the Iguana in the mirror is a new iguana. Hahahaha.. How cute. Mating season..  

So if you all are wondering why I have not been blogging lately, I have been caught up with my work and helping Le Hulk Hubster too.

Worst part about helping him.. It's all travel shoots. 

You have no idea how limited my sleep schedule has become.. My eye bags are insane.... I need to get my facial done soon.. Now to recuperate.. 

Oh and if you all need to keep updated in my daily life and story. Follow me on my Dayre. I really blog and talk rubbish there more. And I swear it is updated EVERYDAY.

Oh! And I have an awesome upcoming PSA soon. My first time being able to something I have always wanted to do... My first time.. Let's hope this experience goes well.

Collaborating with Short Tall Films. Really excited for this project. 

Till then I promise tomorrow I will blog again. And make a habit to blog everyday.