Day 71: Gummy Ice Cream

Bloody hell!! Weather was insanely HOT yesterday!! I really cannot take the heat anymore.. With that being said.. I decided to DIY ice cream to cool me down on a hot day. 

This is the easier ice cream DIY ever! And it's less than RM 15!!!

Here's all the stuff you need.

- Ice cream holder. - (Daiso) RM5 ONLY! 
- Gummy Sweets - RM2.00 
- Sprite - RM3.50 (I think, about there la.) 

All you need to do is to add in the gummy's and sprite.. Leave it in the fridge till it's frozen.... Sings "Let it freeze... let it freeze..." (Lame much?) 

And when the ice cream is done.. Enjoy it!! So easy and soooo yummy!! Kids would love the colours and taste!! 

Ok so back to the #ootd of the day. Yesterday was a busy day, in and out and meeting people.. So I had to dress up. I swear, I felt like a 'mak datin' yesterday...

Blouse: Nichii
Pants: Nichii
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag: Celine 
Watch: Tag Heuer

Was really lazy with make up yesterday. So simple make up with major mascara was the way to go. :)  My lashes is getting longer and longer!! I love em!!