Day 77. I Missed A Week Again Huh?

Oh Me Oh My... Again. Haih..  Sorry la folks.. Been busy pursuing my dreams.. And let me just say, it has not been easy.. But I am not going to give up. Now, less of that and more updates on #ootd

If you all follow me on my Dayre account. (Which you all must!) I posted this look yesterday. 

I look so business woman-ish. I should never give reasons for dressing up.. In fact, everyday should be a dress up day. 

Top: Nichii
Pants: Nichii
Bag: Celine

And the very vain selfie for the day. I love this look. Not much effort made.. Simple and nice. So whimsical right? #lotd

Check out my awesome new phone case!!! I LOVE IT!! I can doodle and write stuff at the back!! So in love!! Where I got it from you ask.. FORSKIN at 1 Utama.