365. Day 109. Meet Sahara

I have been waiting for the proper time to blog about this.. Le Hulk Hubster and I adopted. And we welcomed her to our home last Monday.. Everybody, meet Sahara The Pug. 

Le Hulk Hubster and I have been searching high and low for the past few months for a dog of our own. Tyson the min pin officially belongs to my father in law now. He loves that lil doggie so much it's just too hard to separate that love. 

So.. I went online to search high and low for a dog of our own. We didn't want to buy any dogs because there are just too many out there that needs a home.. So I went online and did a lot of research and enquiries.. 

On April 1st. When I went on Pet Finder. I saw this post about a pug that was looking for a new home. Her previous owner just left her in a Pet Grooming Salon and didn't want the pug anymore. I immediately made an enquiry. Within an hour I got the phone call from June owner of Touch Pets in Subang Jaya. She wanted me to go over to meet the dog first and allow her to make some enquiries before she agrees to let me adopt the pug. 

So we made an appointment to meet on the next Monday. The minute we walked in, there she was sitting in her cage staring at me with her big googly eyes. June started to 'interview' me to see if I would be the right owner for the pug.. And then she informs me that she will spay the dog before I get to bring her home to make sure I am not a dog breeder. Which I thought it was a fair deal.. I didn't want the pug to be a pug factory either.. 

So 2 weeks later.. I was allowed to take the pug home. We decided to name her Sahara. 

And here she is today. Our adopted dog. 

She actually brought so much joy and laughter in our house.. So much love too. So the whole Saturday we dedicated it to her. We bought loads of toys and a new house for her.. We even took her to the dog park. 

It's really sad that in Malaysia there's like limited Dog Parks. 

And it was Sahara's 1st time ever in a dog park. She had so much fun with the Nephew and Niece. She was sooooo excited running around, sniffing and playing with other dogs.. 

Just look at the tiny her next to Le Hulk Hubster. Ok.. So now you know about Sahara the Pug. 

Now for the ootd. 

Top: Nichii
Skirt: Kitschen
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag: Celine 

I love this blue skirt!!! 

Pairing it with simple make up and major accessories. Remember a statement necklace is meant to drama-fy a simple outfit.