Nail Tutorial: Candy Crush.

I have been so caught up with work, it's not even funny! I didn't even get the chance to blog at all.. I missed like what 20 over days by now? Almost a month?! imageSo today, I thought.. I better start posting a nail tutorial.. To make up for all the missed days. Oh also, do follow me on my Dayre. Cause I report there without fail somehow. 

How many of you out there are huge big Candy Crush fan? I used to be.. Until it started taking over my social life. Hahahahah. My friends even relatives would message me or even call me just to ask me to send an extra life to them. imageSo here's a nail art that is specially dedicated to them.  You know who you are.. 

1. Base Coat
- VERY VERY IMPORTANT! Just remember that ok!

2. Base Colors. 
- Blue & White. On my thumb I wanted to paint it white, and my ring finger all blue. The rest, I decided just a french tip. 

3. Double French Tip.
- So on the french tip-ed nails. Add another strip of white at the bottom.

4. Stripes
- On the white tip-ed area. Paint on some red stripes. Making it look like candy cane.

 5. Beginning of the Candies.
- I used a red paint and painted the red jelly bean.

6. Brown Chocolate?
- Then using a dark brown, I painted on a circle.

7. Sprinkles!
- Using different bold colours, paint on the sprinkles on the chocolate.

8. Orange Candy
- Now using the orange paint, paint on the the orange candy at the end.

9. Highlights
- Using a white paint, you want to highlight the red and orange sweets.

10. Candy Crush
- I decided to draw on the logo on the thumb.

11. Red Heart
- Adding on a red heart. Because the logo says so. Haha.

12. Top Coat
- Apply the top coat and you are done!!!!!!!!

Love that my nails look extra colourful.

On the other hand.. I suck as a hand model. Photobucket