Eat, Eat, Ride.

What a trip.. Great food, great company and amazing experiences.. So over the long weekend, Le Hulk Hubster, me and a handful of good friends decided to go on a getaway for the weekend. Le Hulk Hubster and I have not been on a getaway for a long time. Especially a long getaway. 

The whole gang decided to ride to Langkawi since there is a ferry that carries your bike / car or whatever across to the island. Le Hulk Hubster and I only followed them to Penang, and from Penang we took a plane to Langkawi. Why? 

Here's why. The last trip we made to Langkawi which was a year ago was insane. We waited for hours for our ferry not only that we wasted a whole day because of that ferry. Seriously. A whole freaking day!! So Le Hulk Hubster and I just didn't want to go through the agony of the ferry so we decided to fly. 

True enough, we reached Langkawi in the afternoon, and the rest of the bikers were still on the ferry. They only arrived at 5pm.

We checked into Meridius Pelangi Beach & Spa Resort. One of the best hotels ever in Langkawi!! Love every bit of it there. I'm curious, what's the first thing you do when you check in a hotel? Me.. I have a nice long, relaxing bath.

Kind enough to take pictures of where we stayed.

 Our wardrobe on the right, safe on the left and normal sink..

Here's my favourite bathtub, rain shower and toilet. Le Hulk Hubster spent hours in the shower because he insanely loves rain shower.

Here's the view from our balcony. The beach view, we can even walk straight to the beach and just relax the sun.. How gorgeous.

Here's the bedroom, a comfy king sized bed for us.

We were so lazy to walk, so of course there was a buggy to drive us around.

While waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, Le Hulk Hubster and I decided to start out sun tanning and dip in the pool first.. Here's my personal towel boy.

I have this thing whenever I check in the beach resort, I have to visit the beach to find really interesting stuff there. The sad thing about Malaysian beaches is that we often find a lot of rubbish. But surprisingly.. Not this time round.. Look at the beautiful shells I found!!

Oh and guys, whenever you visit Langkawi.. YOU MUST GO TO BONTON!! Bonton Restaurant that is!! It is one of the best place to eat ever!!!!

Le Hulk Hubster took the Nasi Goreng dish.. Just look at that serving!

I ordered the Laksa and the prawns were huge and it was extra tasty!!!!

But the epic one of all... This awesome Meringue Tiramisu with Raspberry Sorbet. OMG!!!!!!! The desserts are to die for!!
If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my posts already. Well, this is my selfie shot with the rest of us who were there.

After 2 nights of Langkawi it was time to head back to Penang.

We checked into Hard Rock Hotel. Here's the lot of us upon arriving. Look at everybody's exhausted face. After checking in we straight away jumped in the pool. The only disappointing thing about checking into Hard Rock Hotel was that it was packed!! Insanely packed!! There was no space to move around.. It was just insanely packed!

Now, this trip. It was many firsts for all of us. My first night in Langkawi I actually experienced Food Coma. The feeling when your just stoning without any drugs or weed.. We were sooooo stuff and exhausted that it felt like we were just stoning and staring into space.

But yeah, virgin trip. 1st Food Coma, Le Hulk Hubster's 1st time eating seafood.. OUR 1st foam party. Goodness loads of 1st. But the most memorable trip ever! Can't wait for our next trip now.