Nail Tutorial: Daisy - Doo

Bet you didn't expect me to blog a nail tutorial soooo soon huh? image Well, it's the end of July today.. And August is about to begin soooooo... Why not?! I'm feeling very floral and pastel-ish so I went on Pinterest to look for ideas to remake on my nails and I found this.. 

Of course, I can never make it exactly alike. I just try to, but I can't.. So if you are like me.. This nail art is honestly pretty easy to do! 

1. Base Coat
- Very very important!! 

2. Base Color
- Pastel purple and pink.. Oh! And leave 2 fingers empty! But of course, with the base coat la.

3. White & Green
- Using a brush, you want to start striping on the petals of the daisy with white. It's easy, just paint on white strokes. And using a light green you want to paint on the leaves.

4. Yellow
- You want to dot on a yellow dot in the middle of the flower.

5. Black Dots, gold lining.
- Then using a toothpick, you want to dot some black dots around the yellow dot. And then, using gold nail polish paint on the stripe like a half moon shape. Adding the extra glam.

6. Top Coat
- And you are done!! Easy peasy right?

What do you guys think? Yeah I know, it's not the same as the original.. image I tried so that's what matters ok!

So if you guys remake this, share it with me! I would love to see how you guys made it extra gorgeous too!!! image