The Big Hotel, Singapore.

So as many of you know by now. Le Hulk Hubster recently just started a sister branch of Directors Think Tank in Singapore, so we will be travelling up and down Singapore very often. We are looking for places to rent, unfortunately we have not seen what we like yet.. So of course, for now.. We have to check in hotels.. image I'm really hoping we find a place soon. 


We recently found a pretty cosy and simple hotel. And it was cheap too! Because we booked the hotel via they charged us S$148 per night! Compared to the usual S$200 per night. It's called THE BIG HOTEL, Singapore. Located at Bugis area. So easy to travel up and down. Public transport is just 5 minutes walk away. Orchard Road is few roads down. Shopping heaven. So this hotel, was really the place to be. 

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the surroundings and what facilities the hotel has. But the room was important. image So here are pictures of the room. 

Here's the view from once you open the door. You can immediately see the bedroom and toilet. 

Here's the basin, where you wash and clean yourself. 

Here's the shower, Le Hulk Hubster was soooo happy because there was the rain shower.

Here's the throne.

Best part of all, there is this small little corner where we can sit and do our work.

And the bed.. Oh my the bed was sooooooooo comfortable. I just didn't wanna wake up at all!!

And here's the view from the end of the room.

You see all the lotions? They are all loaded with essential smells. So relaxing.

And I love their hipster door signs.

So if you guys are looking for a place to stay in Singapore, try BIG HOTEL. The staffs are absolutely friendly and kind. And you will really love the stay there. Well if you are there for work stay. 

Here's their contact. 

    • RESERVATION +65 6809 7998
    • MAIN LINE +65 6809 7988
    • SALES +65 6809 7990