Boat Noodle @ Jaya One

Honestly, I don't know what the big fuss with Boat Noodle was. The fun of stacking the bowls? See how fast you can eat many bowls? WHAT?! Sorry to say this, but honestly I had a bad experience. Now before I begin this blog post.. I have no intentions of blogging to ruin the image of the company, but this is just my opinion.. So please, don't get too dramatic.

I went with La Familia to the branch at Jaya One. We wanted to join in the fun of eating or stacking that many bowls too.. RM1.90 per bowl.. Not bad ma! But of course, when we got the bowl.. We all just looked at each other thinking "You have got to be kidding me!" With 2 mouth I could finish it! And 2 strips of chicken and half a meatball?! WTF?! image

Just look at this! Huge big bowl, but with 2 bites you are done. My cousin sister J better still, she gulped it down with 1 whole mouth full. image Ok, so it was not that tasty honestly. And when we ordered the noodles since there were 4 different type of noodles, we all each decided to try all 4. And since the bowl was small.. Why not right? But with little kids we wanted to make sure the noodles were not spicy. So when we ordered the noodles and asked the server if the noodles were spicy he said. "No, no. All little bit spicy only. Got 2 noodles you order no spicy." Which basically mean 2 kinds of noodles from that 4 choices we ordered were not spicy. So there, kids could eat that... BUT..

No! When the noodles came, we asked another server if they were the spicy ones making sure the littlest cousin sister G does not eat the spicy one.. He said "This one no spicy, little girl can eat." So Littlest cousin sister G was already hungry and walloped the whole bowl and started crying out loud because all the noodles was actually spicy. (It's thai food, so well apparently all the noodles were spicy which the server who took the order failed to mention even when we asked him!) image

See, we (adults) still at up whatever bowls that was left and we decided to order some chicken wings and meat ball for the kiddos. That whole stack of bowl was for all 5 adults ok. As you can see.. We didn't eat that much. image

When the chicken wings came.. We were all utterly disgusted! LOOK AT THE WINGS! It's just the boney part and the little wing meaty area.. How is this food?! RM5.90 for this?! RUBBISH!! image

Then, when the meatball came.. We realised there was a little bit of chilli on it so we requested for 1 more bowl without any chilli at all. Guess what la.. It came with chilli. So we asked to change it and the server was like "Ma'am, this wan I cannot help you. You want it all comes with chilli, I cannot make new one for you." Le Ah Kim requested to speak to the manager or person in charge, this was the last straw.. best part, manager didn't appear another server / cashier came and ask what the problem was. So we explained everything to them.. You know what the best part was.. He turned around and asked us.. "Why you never ask for none spicy?" WAHLIAO!!!! image I got irritated.. I said we already asked if it was spicy the minute we ordered, when food came.. Your staff keep saying not spicy. Not spicy.. How la?! image Then after, he did change 1 bowl of meatballs to none spicy for us.. But that took like a whole 15 minutes la.

Yeah I know.. Some of you might say why bring kids? It's not meant for kids. We really didn't know that all the food was spicy and mind you.. That many bowls and ridiculous boney chicken wings and meatballs cost RM83!! WTF?! image

So yeah... Boat Noodle. Again, I'm not trying to say you guys suck. But I think service could have been better. I enjoyed stacking the bowls. That was fun and timing the cousins to see how fast they could eat and spit fire at the same time. image But yeah, this is just my experience. Not sure how the rest of you enjoyed it. Do share your experience with me.