Scholl Velvet Smooth Review : Ad #MYVelvetSmooth

Review time!! I got this Scholl Velvet Smooth last night and let me just say I am soooooooooo very pleased with this product! I love it! My feet feels as if they went for an awesome pedicure, and I did it on my own and in my house! 

You know there are some complicated machines that kills dead skin on your leg that takes you hours to figure it out, some might even go to the fish spa to let the little fishes nibble and it is sooooo ticklish!  image I am terrified of tickles.. especially on my feet. This is sooooo easy to use! With just 1 twist to on it and you are ready to roll off the dead skin! image

Going for 1 pedicure can cost a lot sometimes especially when we get the spa treatment and all. But Velvet Smooth is really truly amazing, it does not hurt, it rolls smoothly and when you press too hard.. It automatically stops so you do not injure your feet. You can even share it with a friend, your mom or even husband. (Oh when Le Hulk Hubster reads this, he is sooooooo gonna make me do his feet. image )

The best part is after 12 times of using this, you can purchase a new roller. It's so easy to remove the roller, just press the eject button and the roller comes off. You can purchase new rollers. A pack of 2 costs RM49.90. Now you do the math, 2 new rollers use it twice = 24 times!! 24 times = RM2.080 for that many times compared to the RM48 - RM60 you pay to get your heel feeling good after a pedicure?! Imagine how much money you save right there!! (I am such a sucker for saving cost. image

It does not have any electrical support, no complicated wiring. All you need is 4 AA batteries. Put them in and close the cap and you are ready to roll off the dead skin cells. 

Now that I am travelling a lot, I do want to make sure that my heels are still gorgeous looking. Especially when you are wearing heels or wedges that don't cover up the back of your feet. Or even when you go to the gym for yoga or Pilates and don't require to wear shoes.. Shy la when people look at your feet and it's all wrinkly and yucky.. But don't you worry! Scholl's Velvet Smooth is easy to carry around! 

All you need to do is just cover up the roller, and in it goes in your bag! It's not heavy either so it's pretty light and easy for you to carry around. And don't worry about 'dirtying' your bag. The rollers are really easy to clean too! So clean it before you put the cover on and chuck it in your bag. 

NOTE: Horrible Picture of Feet Ahead. 

So I have always had very terrible dead skin at my heels. My heels look so old and wrinkly! image Sometimes, I'm too ashamed to even wear those shoes that can see my heels and the wrinkly part.. 

 And now to use Scholl Velver Smooth. *Singing keep on rollin' rollin' - Limp Bizkit*

I'm not sure if this picture does justice but all those white small, looks like dust and white spots are all my dead and dried up skin! SO MUCH HOI!!!! image

Now you wanna see my gorgeous feet????

Wanna see a close up??

Taaadddaaaaa!!! ~~ image Oh will you just look at my awesome beautiful heel now?! Sooooo smooth, so nice to touch! Aaaaaaaahhhh ~~ image I can't stop rubbing my feet now cause it's sooooo smooth!

Honestly speaking.. I really love this product so much! Scholl could not have done it better! Save money, easy to carry around, and my feet don't look that bad anymore! Could i ask for more? Now just for my dear readers, redeem RM10 off for this amazing product. *Clickety Here* Also, there is a video on how to use this.