#blogtemberchallenge Day 1.

Brave Love Blog

Sooooo.. I read on my #dayre about the #blogtemberchallenge and decided why not.. I do tend to have brain blockage sometimes and can't figure out what to blog about.. Thank God Bailey Jean from Brave Love suggested this. 

Because I am one day late.. I will have two blog posts today. To make up. 

Day 1: 

Imagine the front sleeve of a hard cover novel. Give us your "About the Author" so we can get to know one another, and for fun
tell us what your imaginary novel would be about. 


Honestly, I would never imagine myself as a writer.. Because.. Well I really cannot write that well. But yeah, just for fun.. 

I would love writing romance novels.. I'm a sucker with romance and all the romantic love stories. But of course not like 50 Shades of Grey.. That is just hardcore romance / baby making right there yo! Just some cheesy, romance every girl would wish or dream of kinda romance novels.. 

(Unfortunately I married Le Hulk Hubster. So all romance novels.. nope.. BURNT! Motivation or inspiration to write this book all gone.) 

Well, I think every girl has this dream of marrying or falling in love with someone who is what they expect to be. (A girl can fantasise ok, no harm) So to be able to write a romance novel, the way I want and include my image of a guy would be totally awesome. Who knows, my book maybe a best seller. (WTF?!) 

I will have a 1 verse about the author, to make it epic and memorable. Wanna know what I will write there? 

"My fake romance, all in this book"