#blogtemberchallenge Day 13.

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Was so caught up with my lil cousin sister's birthday party that I forgot to blog... *grrrrr* And also with Momsie and Lil Bro are here with me.. So really busy entertaining them the whole day. Forgive 

Day 13. 

Your current relationship status. If dating / married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season. 

I think most of you by now know that I'm happily married.

Well, this year will officially be our 2 years of married life. And also 10 years of us being together. Our story, is not some princess in love, dame in distress or some romance story. Our story had loads of ups and downs, if I wrote a book... I might be bigger than J.K. Rowling or Danielle Steel. (Of course with horrid grammar, maybe it will never be the best seller.) 

So 10 years ago, I was introduced to this guy by Ms. Sofia Sani a college mate. We were both working part time as hostesses in Italianese at 1 Utama. He was the restaurant manager back then. He would come and annoy me at work.. He would tease me.. It was terribly annoying. He even called me hamster because apparently, I look like one.. 

One day, Sofia and I were at college and she goes. "You know, I think Pat has something for you la." And I was like... OHMYGAWD!! NO!! He is soooo annoying!! She picked up her phone and dialled his number and put him on loudspeaker.. "PAT! You have something for Clare right?" And my dear (then manager) don't even know how to 'control macho' replied.. "That obvious at?" The whole group started giggling.. I was sooooooo ashamed. But I don't know how, somehow along the way.. We got together. 

October 24th 2004, we made it official. 

Along the way, we had loads of ups and downs. Nobody ever mentioned that being in a relationship was easy. But we somehow learnt to overcome every obstacle. Lasted 10 years, and still going strong

Cut the story short, I found out he was my soulmate. And you'd be surprise how a friend can become a soulmate, how an annoying specimen becomes someone you can bully for the rest of your life.

Ok la, enough cheesy love story about me... Don't even ask how he proposed.. Again, this Mr. Annoying was not romantic at all. I will lie to my kids if they ever ask. Hahahahhaa..

Oh and lastly, I want to share my wedding video with you guys.. So *clickety here* to see our beautiful wedding video. 

And to all of you who are single, don't feel down. I believe that there is always someone out there waiting for you. You just need to stop having high expectation, and dream of Prince Charming. The perfect soulmate is someone you never expected in the first place.