#blogtemberchallenge Day 15.

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Day 15. 

Make a mood board. Are you brainstorming a room re-do, or are you dreaming of glamping with gal pals? Share a collage of any kind. 

Well, I'm not sure if you guys are following me on my *Dayre* if not.. FOLLOW NOW! I mentioned in my Dayre about my house getting a makeover. So I have been actively going on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspirations for the house renovations. Also, if you are not following me on *pinterest* DO IT NOW! 

So.. Le Hulk Hubster and I are currently looking to turn our house to something industrial. Something that is easy to clean and easy to take care of.

So here is a rough idea of what we were looking at. If you really want to know more.. Go see my Pinterest.