#blogtemberchallenge Day 16.

Brave Love Blog

Day 16. 

"Most People Don't Know This... But.." 

(I think I share a lot of my life story on my blog and Dayre. Well, on my social media to be exact.. So if I mention anything here and you my dear followers go... "Haihya, we know already.." Give chance to my new followers la.)

....... I love The Little Mermaid ever since I was little. 
..... I love the All Blacks. 
...... I started performing at the age of 4. My first performance was for Sultan Azlan Shah. 
..... I learnt to play the violin till Grade 8 and stopped.  (What a waste) 
..... I had my first pet (which was a corn snake) at the age of 11.
..... I was 'adopted' by my grandparents. Thus the Chinese Surname. 
..... I have 2 birthdays in a year. (Yes, I am special that way.) 
..... I still can't drive, although this year I am getting my licence done. 
..... My baby brother (no longer baby) have a 15 year gap. 
..... I am surprisingly creative and love creating miniature. 
..... I own a blogshop called Bijoux Jewelry
..... My lucky number is 5 and 8.
..... In the past, my fashion sense was just a pair of jeans and t-shirt. (Wow, how I've changed.) 
..... I still cannot sleep in the dark. Alone. 
...... Being this old, I still sleep with my lil travel buddies. 
..... I am still terrified of the trolls that will bite off my toes at the edge of my bed.
...... I am a swimmer.
..... I have a total of 7 tattoos on my body and don't regret any of them at all. 
..... I love BAD Boys. Thus marrying the biggest gangster. Le Hulk Hubster.
..... Secretly, learning fashion and jewellery. 

So I think that's about all I have to share about myself. Oh!! 1 more.. 

..... Le Hulk Hubster spoils me..

Wait.. That's a fact.