#blogtemberchallenge Day 18.

Brave Love Blog

First and foremost.. HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY to my baby brother Clarence Paul Philip Sheng Rong! Jie Jie loves you very very much! 

Day 18.

Tell a tale of travelling, a city or a country you've been to or a favourite vacation.

I really don't have a favourite vacation. Every ride, every trip I go to all means something to me and every travelling trip is always a memory. 

Hong Kong was beautiful. A city filled with shopping paradise. Because I know how to communicate in cantonese, I am very proud to say.. I survived. And even saved Le Hulk Hubster and brought him back to hotel safely.

Perfect beach holiday will always and forever be somewhere in Thailand. This trip was to Ko Samui with the Riders of The Storm / Sons of Advertising riders. 3 nights. On the bike, I had fever and backache and it was my first lllloooooonnnngggg ride. But what a memory.

New Zealand. Oh the beauty of nature. Blue skies, green grass, gorgeous trees. Everything surrounding me was just a dream come true. And to be able to witness the beautiful snowy mountains where they shot Lord Of The Rings.. Oh my.. 

So yeah, I guess these 3 are my memories for now. Hoping to travel more.. But not sure when.