#blogtemberchallenge Day 2.

Brave Love Blog 

Ok, now to start on Day 2's #blogtemberchallenge.

Day 2:

Write about what makes you happy, 
From the little joys to the huge game changers. 

To be honest, the biggest thing that has always made my life the most meaningful and makes me the happiest person in the world.. Is.. My Family. 

Well, sometimes we have our ups and downs. And honestly, my family actually bring me a lot of joy and happiness. We share our laughters and love together all the time. Just by looking at this simple picture above, all the smiles. Yup.. They make me happy. All the time. Even when I'm upset, they wipe away my tears. 

Other than my family, being married to Le Hulk Hubster also brings me so much joy. The silly clowning around things he does, the way he wipes tears away from my eyes. The way he cheers me up and calm me down. Oh I am so blessed.

And last but not least.. My pets. Sahara the pug and Iggy the iguana. Both of them.. Pure joy. Even though they can't speak human language, they have no idea just how much joy they bring me. 

So these are things that makes me happy. What about you? Why not join in the fun with the #Blogtemberchallenge?