#blogtemberchallenge. Day 20

Brave Love Blog 

I've been so busy that I couldn't blog for days and in my Dayre I also could not dayre properly.. Too much has been going on.. I am insanely exhausted already. *ugh* So to catch up with the blog posts.. I shall keep blogging until I reach today's date.. (Thank God I missed only 4 days) 

Day 20

Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats however you like. 

So if you all are actually follow me on my Dayre, I would update it with my 'boring' life stories.. If you are not following me on Dayre.. Do it now! 

So. What happened on Saturday.. 

4.45am - Woke up to say goodbye to Le Hulk Hubster. (He left for Singapore) And then I went back to bed. 
8.00 am - Got up did my nonsense..
9.00 am - Pilates Class
10.00 am - Immediately after class rushed back for an AGM (first time attending it) 
1.00pm - Got ready to go out with Le Sissy. 
3.00pm - Went shopping with Le Sissy in Sunway.. 
7.30pm - Girls Night Out
10.00pm -  Visited Le God brother.
11.30pm - Home & FaceTime with Le Hulk Hubster. 

There my whole day... As I recall it. Hah.