#blogtemberchallenge Day 4.

Brave Love Blog 

Day 4. 

Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over. 

I honestly think these days fashion is starting to look trashy rather than classy.. I don't even know where to begin!!

Honestly, I've always been in love with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I love how classy and sophisticated they look. And how they can look soooooo classy, even when they are in their casual wear.

So here's Audrey Hepburn, she looks amazingly classy. Even when her outfits are so simple, they somehow make her look classy and sophisticated.

And Grace Kelly.. Oh my.. Don't even let me get started with how many brides out there would wish they had an amazing wedding dress just like hers. Now Grace Kelly's fashion is really high end. She wears her style with sooooo much confidence that everything makes her look amazing. 

And this is what these both fashion icons are trying to teach us. Wear things that make you look classy, feel comfortable and mostly... Confidence. 

Now for the fashion trend that MUST BE STOPPED. I know some of you would disagree with me. But.. I'm sorry, this is just my thought of it ok. 

Couple's T. 

Are you kidding me? Ok la... we all know you guys are an item.. But seriously?! 

Every time when Le Hulk Hubster and I end up wearing the same t shirt, we immediately change. I really can't stand couple t shirts that I end up turning all the t shirts Le Hulk Hubster and I have into gym clothes. 

So please la dear couples out there... STOP WEARING COUPLE T Shirts la.. Break up dy how? Burn a? Divorce dy how? Tear into million pieces a? Jeezzz...