#blogtemberchallenge Day 5.

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Just finished up my house chores, and now I better blog before I get too busy yet again. 

Day 5. 

I am Passionate About.... 


When I was growing up, Ah Ma (Grandma) used to tell me that I have to be thankful for whatever things I have. She would take me to orphanages and old folks home once a month, even the handicapped orphanages. It was a monthly thing we used to do together. And who knew, a simple visit to the old folks would brighten up their day. And how just playing with the lil kids and feeding the handicapped just brought so much smiles on their faces. 

I remember telling myself.. When I grow up, I have to continue what I am doing now. Of course, as time passes I tend to forget about helping others who are less fortunate. 

But last year, me and Le Hulk Hubster decided that every year.. In memory of my grandparents, on our wedding anniversary we will dedicate our celebrations to celebrate with the less fortunate. Last year, we did this.. *clickety here* This year, we are planning something. And hopefully, it will be all good. 

I also help out in whatever charity there is, but I don't usually blog about it. But honestly, if we could all just lend a helping hand just 1 day in a year.. It would make a big difference. Try it. 

Put a smile on a strangers face.. You have no idea how much joy that brings to yourself.