#blogtemberchallenge Day 6.

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It's a Saturday, I should be out enjoying myself.. But no.. I'm stuck in the office waiting for Le Hulk Hubster to finish up his side of the work.. *Grumble* 

Day 6. 

A "currently....." post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. 

Because I cannot come up with ideas on what the heck this topic is all about... I decided to follow the suggested topic by Bailey in her blog. (ps: if you click on the blog-tember challenge badge it automatically links to her blog.) 

........ reading
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I didn't want to bawl my eyes out watching the movie alone, so I decided to read the book and have a cry fest instead. 

......... watching
Walking Dead. I just started this series because a friend kept mentioning that it was really awesome.. and it totally is!! I'm waiting for Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy tho... PLEASE COME OUT FASTER!! 

.... trying
To be patient. 

...... eating
This awesome Japanese gummy candies that are sooooooo delicious and addictive. When you eat 1 you can't stop at all!! 

...... pinning
NAIL ARTS!! Well, with the house renovation I'm also pinning some house interior designs too. 

All my posts from Instagram. And random rants. When I feel like it. 

To watch All Blacks Game at a pub later because here in Malaysia, Rugby is not a big deal. 

Oh... dear. I have a list, my family, Le Hulk Hubster, sahara the pug, iggy the iguana and friends. 

....... discovering
Married life.  I think being married is a challenge, every journey I go through I realise it's no longer me alone... but together  with Le Hulk Hubster. 

........ enjoying
How I'm putting myself first right now. I think I have learnt to love myself a lot now. 

........ thinking
What the heck am I blogging about?! LOL.

........ feeling
Very stressed and tensed now with the current plans to travel a lot this year. Trying to learn to leave my stress level down. 

...... hoping
For things to flow perfectly. 

....... listening
Little Sines from Rhian Sheehan

God for everything around me. The love from my family, and to be surrounded with so many positive vibes. 

To learn to appreciate a lot of things in life. 

Ok. So there.... my list.. What's yours?