#blogtemberchallenge Day 8.

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Sorry today's blog post is a little late. Been so busy the whole of today. So here goes..

Day 8.

Music That Moves You. Are you a Spotify Addict or a Pandora Guru? Tell us Your Favourite Artists / Stations. 

Ever since I was introduced to Spotify, yeah... I became and addict and let me tell you... My life changed. (So drama-fied right?) But I love that I have a playlist with all my favourite songs. I don't have to buy a mp3 or an iPod anymore.. Just take my phone everywhere I go. And Spotify.. Even in the gym!! 

I don't have a specific favourite artist, EXCEPT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Where I will admit, no matter what.. I will always love him. (Reminding myself I'm married, and so is he. ) Did you know there is a PMS Playlist tho? Something for you to try. Hahah..