Pet Healers.

I was reading Chicken Soup for the Soul : Pet Lover few days back. And I came upon people sharing stories about how their pets saved them or played a big part in their lives. Well, here's my story. About Sahara The Pug and Iggy the Iguana.

Iggy the Iguana.

2009, my dearest Ah Kong (grandpa) passed away. 6 months down the road Ah Ma (grandma) joined him. Both my grandparents were my biggest role model, inspiration and parent figures in my life. So with them gone.. I started to get very depressed. I could not focus at my work, every small little thing started to get to me. Le Hulk Hubster got worried and decided to bring me back to see my psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar. The shrink told me to start taking things easily and gave me "happy pills". I didn't want to rely so much on the pills, neither did I want to forever be upset and emo. I started developing a terrible asthma, low blood pressure.. everything with me was not going right. So 1 day, out of the blues.. I decided to get something to cheer myself up. I didn't want to be upset anymore.

I have always loved reptiles ever since I was a little kid. So my first instinct was to get a Green Iguana. August 16 2011, I got Iggy the Iguana.

Iggy was the most amazing pet ever. I would bring her to work everyday. I would carry her everywhere I went. She would quietly just stick on me. She knew when I was upset, or happy. When I was upset, she never let anyone near me.. Not even Le Hulk Hubster. She would protectively whip others so they don't come near. And when I was happy, she would happily explore the whole house. When I was hot tempered, she would not allow me to touch her.. Until I was calm. So that taught me how to control my temper.

It's funny how an Iguana can actually understand human emotions. Everyday, just being with her started to slowly cheer me up. Life was slowly getting better.

In a blink of an eye 2014 came, and here we are fast forward to September. This year, I have gone through 3 miscarriages back to back. It was by far the hardest journey I had to experience. The pain I felt this time was different. Somehow, I started falling apart again.

This time, Le Hulk Hubster (bless him for being my husband) realised I needed a heck load of cheering ups. I had been dropping hints that I wanted a dog either a French Bulldog or a Pug. I went online to see if we could rescue any of the dogs instead of buying them. We refuse to buy because we believe every life deserves a second chance. That's when we came upon an online ad.. It was as if it was a sign from God.

May 1st, we adopted Sahara the Pug.

Words cannot even describe how much joy and love she has brought to Le Hulk Hubster and me. She seamed to heal a part of us where we felt was lost. And in some way, she makes me look forward to a new day. New challenges. 
We adopted a dog to show that we can actually share our love with an animal that was rejected first. And adoption don't mean that the dog will be a terrible pet, you'd be surprise with how an adopted pet can help heal the little hole you've been looking for. 

So yeah, this is how both Iggy The Iguana & Sahara the pug saved me. Now.. I'd like to hear your side of the story. Tell me how did your pet play such a big role in your life? Don't forget to tag me because I'd really like to hear your story.