Nail Tutorial: Fan Brush

Just got back from Singapore, was supposed to post this last Friday. But due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to post it this week. 

Ok. So here are the things you need. 

- Base Coat
- Black Base Coat
- Mint Green
- Purple
- Lilac
- Top Coat
- Quick Dry (I was in a hurry)

1. Base Coat
- I cannot stress the importance of this!

2. Base Colour
- I wanted black so the rest of the colours can stand out.

3. Fan Brush
- You can get this for about RM3 - RM5 for one of this. You want to soak your brush wet first and fan it out.

4. Mint Lines
- Dipping your brush a lil on the polish you then easily swipe the brush from one corner to the other.

5. Purple
- Do the same with a different colour, you want to make sure you do this gently.

6. Lilac
- My lilac colour was too light, so I ended up choosing a darker purple. So the colours could stand out.

7. Top Coat
- And you are DONE! Easy peasy!

Here's a closer look at how it really looks like. I kinda like it, but I want to explore more different ways to pull off such an edgy choice. Hah.