Nail Tutorial: Ombre Scale

So as promised. My 2nd nail art tutorial. I do love Pinterest a lot. I love going online to see what amazing nail art other pinners have been pinning. And one of the gorgeous nail art I saw was this.. 

Immediately I wanted to try it out. It's so gorgeous!! So here, is my version. Here are the things you need..

Easy stuff. I'm using a toothpick to do this nail art, but you can choose to use a needle or paint brush.

1. Top Coat
- Very very important.

2. Base Colors
- White, blue and mint green. White so that my sponge colours can be seen better.

3. Sponge Technique.
- I'm not too sure if I have blogged about this technique before. Use a sponge paint on your colours on it and then dab on your nails.

4. Sponge Coloured.
- It's very easy. Just dab it all on and it will look like that.

5. White Acrylic
- using a white acrylic you want to paint on something that looks like this. Well I sucked at it, it ended up looking like some fish scales / mermaid tales kinda thing. *sigh* 

6. Top Coat
- And you are done!!

So tadaaa.. This is my nail art for this week. What do you guys think? Of course, I didn't do it as good as the bloggers.. Mine.. is just. So wrong Hahahhaha.