Christmas Gift Ideas: Work of Art?

There is exactly 29 days to Christmas! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Have you gotten a special and meaningful gift for your loved one? Then again.. Are you on a low budget? And want to get crafty and creative? 

Why not DIY? It makes a Christmas present extra meaningful. Try this. And it's so easy and cheap too!! 

So here are the things you need.

- A printed picture (any picture you like) 
- Mod Podge (I recommend the Matte one, but I ended up using the paper version cause I used up my matte.) 
- Scissors
- Art Block

Step 1.
- Cut your printed picture to fit the size of your art block.

Step 2.
- Mod Podge and lay on the glue! You want to cover up every corner.

Step 3.
- Paste on your printed picture and gently ease it in nicely.

Step 4.
- Add on a layer of mod podge on top of the printed picture. At least 2 layers of it.

Step 5.
- Allow it to dry. (To let it fully dry leave it for 24 hours) And you are done!!

There you have it, a meaningful and simple framed up art work for your loved one to put it up on their wall. Have a fun and be creative!