Nail Tutorial: Flowers?

Hooray! Time for the weekly nail art update. This week, I wanted something Chinese New Year - ish? Maybe because the malls are all playing dong dong qiang songs already. image So yeah, I know it's bad luck to have black nails and all. But this is something different and modern ok. So give chance la! 

 1. Base Coat
- Very important, so please go invest in one really good base coat ok. 

2. Base Colors
- Black, Pink and Gold. Yes black is bad luck, but I opted for black so that the flowers that I was gonna draw on could be seen.

3. Flowers
- I am so sorry. I forgot to take pictures of how I drew the flowers. imageBut it is actually pretty simple to do this. So try to take a closer look at the picture and you can definitely do the same look.

4. Top Coat
- To make the polish last longer, before I painted my nails with the base coat I actually applied a layer of vinegar. And after everything to make the nail art last longer. Top Coat. It is very very important!


Easy peasy nail art right? It's not hard honestly. With the proper tools, it's honestly pretty easy. imageHave a pretty nails week!