#OOTD: Week 4

Most dreaded week ever. 
Totally a down week for me. 
So I missed out on the weekend attire. 
Weekend was the beginning of my down day. 

Day 19. 

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M 
Shoes: Thomas Chan

Today was zapping day.
So of course, a skirt and a blouse. 
Need to try shorts next time. 

Day 20. 

Top: Adidas
Pants: Adidas

Today was workout day. 
Bestie came over to use the gym and workout together. 
Need to loose weight la. 
Fat liao.. 

Day 21. 

Top: Night Market in Thailand
Jeans: Uniqlo
Cardigan: Nichii 

Today some idiot ruined my day. 
Scared the shit out of me. 
Literally went home crying. 

Day 22. 

Top: Mirrorcle
Tights: H&M 
Shoes: Thomas Chan

Felt bloated and fat. 
So something loose and breezy. 

Day 23. 

Top: Nichii
Necklace: Material Lipsticks
Specs: Ray Bans

Forgot to take full body shot la.
Work day. 

Day 24 & Day 25: - Was a down day for me. Forgive me. Women issues. image But, hopefully Week 5 brings in more new looks because I have something up my sleeves. image