Nail Tutorial: CNY vs Valentines

Weekly Nail Tutorial Time!! imageChinese New Year and Valentines Day is around the corner.. If you don't know what nail art to get for these 2 days, and don't want to change the nail art that often. I suggest you kill two birds with one stone. And this nail tutorial is exactly how you can do that.. image

1. Base Coat
- If you really don't want your nails turning yellowish looking. Apply a layer of base coat.

2. Red & Gold
- Red is the colour for Chines New Year and Valentines Day. Gold is to represent the amount of 'ong' you will receive during CNY and Valentines day la.. (If you know what I mean image)

3. Hearts
- Using red acrylic paint or nail polish, you want to draw on tiny hearts on the golden nails.

3. Outline
- Using a black acrylic paint or nail polish you want to draw the outlines of the heart so that your hearts can be seen clearly.

4. Bling
- Why not ad on some gorgeous simple bling on the red nails right?

5. Top Coat
- AND YOU ARE DONE! Easy peasy!!

Try it! Have fun!!