#OOTD: Week 5

Time really passes by too fast. 
A new journey begins for me. 
No I am not preggers. 
I am literally fat from eating. 

Day 26. 

Top: Pestle & Mortar ft Redd Bullets
Skirt: C.A.C.E.
Shoes: Converse 

What is C.A.C.E? 
Ask me again when March comes ok? 
Part of a new journey for my besties and me. 

Day 27. 

Top: (This I cannot even remember where I found it!) 
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Thomas Chan 

Housewifey duties this day. 
Nothing much to update about. 

Day 28. 

 Dress: Kitschen
Cardigan: Cotton On
Bag: @debab_store (instagram) 

Went to see the Watoto Children's Choir in SFX. 
Beautiful Children.
Spreading so much love, 
Even when they have nothing to offer. 
*Happy Birthday Ah Kong. 

Day 29.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: @debab_store (instagram) 
Shoes: Charles & Keith 

Work Day.
Last day with Le Hulk Hubster.

Day 30. 

Top: Nichii
Skirt: Nichii
Shoes: Charles & Keith 

Le Hulk Hubster left for India. 
Zapping Day.
Lucky Day too. 
Bought myself a Philip's Air Fryer. 

Day 31. 

Top: Island Shop
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag: @debab_store (instagram) 

Momsie & Lil Bro comes to be with me for the weekend. 
Family Day. 
Last Day of January. 
(Why so fast wan?! image)

Day 32. 

Dress: C.A.C.E.
Necklace: @materiallipsticks (instagram) 

Last Day with Momsie & Lil Bro.
Church Day. 
Family Day too.