Nail Tutorial: Pastel Polka Dots.

So it's been a while since I have posted my nail tutorials right? I know. I'm so sorry. On the other note, I actually cut my nails really really short, because I broke few of my longer nails recently. Got fed up of shaping them and cute them all off. 

So this week it's Spring and Easter season. I decided on something pastel. I love pastels!

1. Top Coat

- I really cannot stress the importance of this step. 

2. Pastel Colors

- I love pastels! You want to choose light color and to add more attention to your nails, at least one of them have to stand out so I opted for a gold color. Leaving the ring finger empty.

3. Polka Dot

- Use a bobby pin or a dotting tool and you want to dot on some polka dots.

4. Dot some more.

- Keep dotting on more colors! Use only the colors you used on your nails.

5. Some more dots.

- When your nails look almost full. You are done!!

6. Top Coat

- Now apply a layer of top coat for protection and you are done! Easy right?!

And there you have it.

Easy pastel colors and easy nail tutorial. Anybody can do this!! Try it!