#OOTD: Week 11

Busy week.
Had to travel to Singapore this week.
So I may have missed a few days.

Day 68. 

Dress: Kitschen
Top: Kitschen
Shoes: Clark's 

Last minute notice.
Travelling to Singapore the next day.
Had to quickly do whatever errands I had.
Busy day. 

Day 69. 

Day 1. 

Day 70. 

Dinner with ABC.
Fun to spend time with family sometimes.
Day 2. 

Day 71. 

Day 3.
Dinner with my uncle!! 

Day 72. 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Red's Revenge

Back in Malaysia. 
Exhausted but work day.
So rushed to work still.
And Le Hulk Hubster got me a new phone today! 

Day 73. 

Top: From India
Tights: Marks & Spencers

Just when I thought travelling has ended.
It's a trip to Batu Gajah.
Family Reunion with the in laws.

Day 74. 

I was wearing my Punjabi Suit.
Didn't get a picture.
Was that busy.
But yeah..

End of week 11. 
Sorry for the late post.