Nail Tutorial: Easter Bunnies

It's Easter Week. 

Being a Catholic myself. We all know easter bunnies and easter eggs just has nothing to do with easter. BUT.. Oh what the heck.. 

I found this picture on Pinterest a while back and really wanted to get this done. And it's really easy to DIY. 

1. Base Coat
- Please apply base coat so that your nails would not turn yellow easily. I really cannot stress the importance of this. 

2. Pastel Base Colors
- Because it's also Spring (Not in Malaysia) so you want to choose some pastel colors. I chose a soft pink and a bright blue and on the ring finger a white.

3. Bunny Silhouette
- Use either a toothpick or a brush to draw out a rabbit silhouette. I chose a white on blue and a pink on white. To differentiate a female and male.

4. Bunny Features
- So now just draw on some features of the rabbits, their eyes, ears and maybe a 3D bow for the female bunny. And you are done!

5. Top Coat
- Apply a layer of top coat on your nails. And you are good to go! Easy peasy!

Happy Easter (in advance) everyone!