Clare Travels: Tasmania

This year, I travelled the most. India, Phuket and now Tasmania. I finally get to go to Tasmania, a place I've wanted to go long time ago and finally get to do so. The reason why I went to Tasmania was because my cousin brother finally graduated! 

So proud of this boy right here. I love him so much, he is like a little baby brother to me. And to see him graduate brought so much pride. I had to be there. Other than the graduation, we of course got to do loads of sightseeing. 

Let me just say, Tasmania is absolutely beautiful. The scenery and the view was worth the 8 hour flight and 1 and a half hour transit flight. :) Every scenic view you took, just looks as if they were taken for a postcard company! (Or then again I'm a good photographer la.) 

We wet to St Helen's to have hike at Skeleton Bay. Bay of Fires. 

It was a 2 and a half hour drive from Hobart. We rented a nice small cabin called Kingfishers. A mermaid wannabe house I tell you. Right across the beach, waking up to the sounds of waves crashing to the shore. Wow, so serene!

We had a hike at Bay of Fires. If you must know, it is NOT easy to hike on the rocky rocks. Of course there is an easier route for you to hike at Skeleton Bay, but we wanted the scenic view so we climbed over all the rocks and got to see the dried up Algae's on the rocks. Beautiful.

Once again, postcard worthy photo once we hiked to the top.

We also went to this small little zoo called Zoodoo where you can interact with the animals. (Of course you have to pay a little more, but it was worth it.) Meet Jack, who is attracted to males. But he came over to my shoulder and ate the almond from my hand. So that was pretty cool.

We got to play and cuddle Sassy the Wombat. A cute 9 month old wombat who would follow you wherever you go. Such cuteness. You guys can see a video of Sassy walking around with me on my Instagram.

Fed the Kangaroos too. Their toe nails are not to be messed with I tell you! But these fellas are so gentle, from the way they nibble off the food from your hands. As you can see, I was busy trying to get the shot of Mr Roo. But him being a gentlemen, he posed for me instead.

Feed the wallabies too! Such gentle creatures. Of course, this is an ugly picture of me feeding them, my aunt's photography skills.. epic much?!

We got to go in the Meerkat enclosure, feed them worms. Lay down and play with them. Cute lil buggers. But when your feeding them the worms, your praying to God they don't spit half the worm out! Oh and they are fussy eaters I tell you! Worms that are already halved, they would NOT eat them!! They would choose to spit them out!

We went to Richmond, a town not far from Hobart. But the view.. So impressive. And that 100 year old church too. 

Just look at the beautiful view at Richmond. We actually went there to take some graduation photos. Le Aunty of course immediately changed her profile picture of the whole family. (Cause again, I'm an awesome photographer.)

I never got to experience snow first hand, so we decided to head up to Mount Wellington. Let me just say. The view was so beautiful!  From the top of Mount Wellington we could see the whole of Hobart!

Beautiful. A view like this.. Pure beauty.

We also went hiking at the lower peak. Surrounded by all the trees, you would feel as if you are one with nature. This forest, filled with beautiful trees. And if you are really quiet, you can hear nature talk to you. Ok I'm exaggerating, but you can hear nature la..

Then we travelled to Cradle Mountain. Let me just say, being there was sooooo magical! Surrounded with snow.. SNOW EVERYWHERE! I felt like Elsa from Frozen at one point. When we checked in Cradle Mountain Lodge, the snow was not falling at all.

But the next day, we woke up to blanket of snow! Snow was falling non stop! It was a snow blizzard! Elsa was mad! Hahaha.

But the snow that covered the acres and acres of land.. Wow! And the icicles. So beautiful!

We got to go on an enchanted forest hike. And surrounded with snow all over.. It was seriously, magical.

Every photo I took.. I swear I could have sold it to the postcard company or something! SO BEAUTIFUL A!!!!

See the thing is, people kept telling me that Tasmania was going to be boring. It's a boring place, there's nothing to do and all. 10 days there, I had so much fun. Once in a blue moon, it's nice if we could take time off from everything. Let loose, enjoy ourselves and get back to nature. Appreciate God's gift to mankind. 

I'd go back to Tasmania again, definitely. I would.