Clare Travels: Sri Lanka

August was a travelling month for me. From Tasmania, I ended up starting the month of September in Sri Lanka.

Everybody keeps comparing Sri Lanka and India, let me just say this. I've been to India and Sri Lanka is NOTHING LIKE INDIA! It's cleaner, it's so much nicer, people there are friendlier. It was such an insane and memorable trip. And come on, Sri Lanka is another country on it's own and should never be compared to India. 

Anyways, we had 2 whole days of Day Tours in Sri Lanka with amazing help from VTS Lanka Day Tours

We arrived Sri Lanka at about 6.30pm. By the time we checked in Vivanta by Taj all the way in Bentota it was already like 7.30pm. Too exhausted to do anything. 

Day 2. Colombo

So we went to Colombo to visit some temples, beautiful and so zen. So peaceful. 

I maybe a catholic, but I respect other religions too. It's not to say, I can't go in and explore or look at the beautiful architecture in a temple. I do enjoy looking at temple, and taking pictures and all. Just know that you have to respect their traditions and culture.

After a full Day 1 in Colombo. We headed back to our hotel. It's a 2 and a half hour journey from Colombo to Bentota FYI. By the time we reached our hotel, we were dead tired. And didn't want to leave the hotel room.

Day 2. Hikkaduwa / Galle

The sightseeings on Day 2 was insane! Galle was so beautiful. We visited the Dutch Fort and had really good Sri Lankan food in Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa was hit by Tsunami in 2004. Seeing the Tsunami hit town was a little bit heartbreaking. Secretly tearing on the bus.

Here's the load of us with our awesome tour guide Vinodh.

Day 3. Team Building

So I had to organise the games and the dinner. Let me just say I had so much fun organising the games and the whole team were sooooo sporting.

We had Water Polo match in the rain too. See the load of us conquering the pool. Hahahaha.

At night we had a themed dinner. I chose to do Cross Dressing Theme. Meaning the guys dress as girls, and girls dressed up as guys.

We had such fun. Laughed the whole night with the fashion show. It was epic. And once again, amazing team work from a great company.

Day 4. Our last day.

We wanted a sense of adventure so we took the public train to Galle, let me just say people are so friendly there in Sri Lanka, I befriended this lady in the train. Shared my food with her and when she got off the next few stops, she was friendly and nice and hugged goodbye. Such sincerity, you can never find in India.

We took the tuk tuk too! And the drivers are insanely friendly!

All in all, my whole trip in Sri Lanka is so memorable. I had a great time. Well of course I did when there are awesome people to share my trip with.