Nail Tutorial: Simplicity at it's best.

When was the last time I did a nail tutorial? Recently, I decided to try the stiletto nails. I now have claws as self defence. imageNeed to learn how to make it look proper, honestly it looks damn bloody weird when there is no polish on it!! image BUT! I must say, my nails take a harder time to break. image

Anyways, here's something simple. Since when I have simple nails right? 

1. Base Coat
- Using OPI's base coat to keep my nails healthy and strong. 

2. Base Color
- I opted for something nude and simple. But I wanted some bling to add some extra attention too. 

 3. Adding the Rhinestones.
- I am only using small pearls and gold beads. There are 2 options.

Option A:
- Bling only your ring finger. If you really want it to be really simple.

Option B:
- Bling the rest of the nails too. But try to keep it simple.

4. Top Coat

So easy, simple and glamorous at the same time. Love this whole look. Now I'm ready for my long weekend. 

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