I'm not paid to do this. This is NOT an advertorial. But after today's experience, I want to voice out and share my opinion about Uber. 

Reasons why I HATE Malaysian Taxi. 

1. They overcharge.
2. The drivers are rude. 
3. The taxi's are so dirty and they smell so bad! 
4. If you are going to a far distant, they charge you double. 
5. Let's say from PJ you want to go to KL, some drivers choose NOT to pick you or drive you there.
6. Taxi drivers can suddenly decide to drop you off at another location and NOT bringing you to the location you asked for. 
7. IF you were to accidentally leave any of your valuables in the car, say goodbye to it. The taxi drivers WILL take them. 
8. And sometimes, knowing there is a shortcut. Drivers CHOOSE the longer road. So they can charge more. 
9. OH! And! They are very dishonest! They say they used the meter but they manage to tweak it and charge double! 
10. Some drivers DON'T even use the bloody meter. 
11. Female passengers are NOT safe. *Read this* 
12. Most of the Taxi Drivers are Gangsters! 
13. Never on time. 
14. The drivers don't speak in English?! 
15. Speed racers! 

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Reasons why I LOVE Uber. 

1. The drivers are friendly and nice. Very well mannered. 
2. Cars are really clean.
3. You can rate your drivers. And you can even see your drivers ratings. 
4. Other people can track you so you are VERY safe.
5. If you don't have cash, no worries. Uber uses credit card via your phone app. 
6. All Uber Drivers have to go through a very thorough interview.
7. Safe Drivers. They don't speed!
8. They offer you mineral water on a hot day! 
9. I reach my location on time.
10. They will ask me for shortcuts!! And would be happy with the shortcuts!! 
11. No complaints! 
12. Because others are allowed to track you, you are safe! 
13. No matter how far the distance is.. They will take you there. (Except out of town la!) 
14. Very honest driver, left my bag accidentally once.. Got it back with everything in it! 
15. Uber privileges. Introducing people to Uber you get discounts! How cool is that? 

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So here's my story today. That made me right about Uber today. 

Recently, Uber Malaysia hired a lot of female drivers. Today, I had a female driver. But before we get to her. Let me tell you how a Malaysian Taxi driver threatened this Uber driver. Maybe to some of you, it's not a big deal. But to me, I feel that all Uber drivers need to be safe. 

So today I asked the driver to pick me from my condo, she didn't know the way to my lobby so I told her it's alright we'll walk to the shopping mall entrance. (My condo is near a mall.) 

As we were walking towards her car. We passed by a couple of taxi drivers, they shouted and asked "Taxi" and me and my sister smiled and said "No thank you." So one of them arrogantly said "Ni mesti Grab Taxi ni!" (Grab taxi is something else like Uber, but same shit like taxi drivers.) So we said "No, Uber." Smiled and walked away. 

We got in the car, smiled and greeted our Uber driver. As she was driving away. The idiot Taxi Driver walked up to her car. Stopped her in the middle of the road and stared cock at her! WTF?! image What the hell was he trying to do?! So me and my sister continued staring at him and he threw the bad finger at us!! WHAT THE F**K La! image

As a passenger, I was worried for my driver. She was a female. Can you imagine what happens if the taxi driver just did something bad like ramp her car or something? Just because he saw it was a female rider he threatened her that way? And just because we were females in the car he did that? Come on la a$$hole! YOU ARE THE REASON WHY I DON'T TAKE TAXIS! Idiots like you are the cause of malaysian taxi's downfall! 

I hope all Uber drivers are safe out there. And they should know I'm always going to use uBer. Never using TAXI's in Malaysia every again!! Even Le Hulk Hubster trusts Uber driver. 


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