What's In My Bag?!

In 2013 I posted about what was in my bags, *click here* 2 years later.. I seem to be carrying more things! image 

Back to the bag. Le Hulk Hubster has always bought be branded bags, but this time I wanted a bag that was my own and no one else in the world owned this bag. When I went to Tasmania recently, a visit to Salamanca Market. I saw this genuine leather and handmade shop, and I saw this bag. Simple, a little rustic looking grey bag. I fell in love immediately. image

My other bags are currently in the dust bag and hidden from sunlight and awaiting to be presented to the world. But, nah... Currently this is my favourite handbag. I even bought this cute Rainbow Dash from My Little Bony as an accessory for my bag. *Inner hidden child, very happy indeed*

Ok, back to the stuff in my bag. I was pretty happy I didn't have loads of rubbish in my bag! I was so worried it would be filled with loads of junk.

Here's EVERYTHING in my bag. Wow, come to think of it I'm carrying load of stuff!!! image

1. Purse.

- The same Oroton Purse. 2 years, she served me really well. Love this big wallet. My older post you can see how big it is and why I love it.

 2. Recycled Bag.

- Sometimes I do some last minute groceries and I hate bringing home more plastic bags from the supermarket, so I have this small recycled bag that can be folded into a small roll in my bag. Save the environment la use recycled bags.

3. Sunglasses

- I love my Ray Bans, this pair especially. Blue is my favourite colour just so you know!

4. Inhaler & Nasonex

- I'm asthmatic, and lately with the bad weather. (Thank you Indonesia) Everywhere I go, I have to bring these two in case I get asthma attacks.

5. Tissue

- I used to carry cute tissue packets, I guess as I grow older.. I really don't bother. So long as there are tissues and I'm able to clean myself or use it I'm happy.

6. Hair Tie

- I have yoga lessons or last minute personal training sessions at the office so I carry a hair tie with me to tie up the messy hair I have.

7. Fan

- Le Hulk Hubster recently went to the Spike Asia Awards and came back with a bag full of stuff. There was this fan in it.. So I carry it with me because, well... Malaysia is a pretty hot country after all!

8. Lipstick

- I have soooooo many different lipsticks at home, but today I was using Revlon's lipstick pencil. Love this shade so much.

9. Lens

- I love taking pictures with my iPhone. (I just realised my phone is not in my bag! *Sheesh*) But yeah, I use these lenses to take really nice pictures. Wide shots, close up and fish eyed lens.

10. Planner

- My life is always full of scheduled meetings, meet ups and gosh I get too carried away sometimes. Most of the times actually, so it's very very important I have my planner with me at all times.

11. Book

- 2 years later, I'm still reading non stop. This week, I'm reading this. I always have a book in my bag, in case I get bored waiting for someone.. I have this book.

12. Battery pack

- From the way I use my phone.. I need this. Sometimes, work or shoots finish really late so I carry this Mi Battery pack along just in case.

13. Keys

- House keys, like DUH! I need this!

14. Glasses

 - I wear glasses, not all the time. But when i use the computer or read. If not I can do without them.

15. Mini Pouch

- So in this mini pouch of mine.. I carry loads of handy dandy stuff. As you can see, in case of emergency and my love for cleanliness all in one small bag. Not too sure if you can see the safety pin, but when you have some uh oh moments with your dress or blouse I have a safety pin to the rescue. 

So yeah, here are the load of stuff in my bag, how I forgot my phone.. I don't know. But yeah.. What's in YOUR bag? 

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