Laniege Travel Essential Kit

Heya! Before we begin, allow me to say.. I am not sponsored nor was I paid to blog about this product. I purchased this product myself and because I love it so much.. I wanted to blog about it. image And share my experience with Laniege. 

I have been wanting to try a new facial product. Been searching high and low for it, and I finally found a product that fits my skin perfectly. So I got the Laniege Travel Essential Kit to try it out at first.. And now I actually got myself the whole set. LOL! image And to be honest, facial has never been fun. 

Laniege is facial product from Korea. They are known to be the moisture expert, and their products are pretty well known to many beauty bloggers out there and also to the other fashionista or beauty experts. Of course, I jumped on the band wagon to see if the hype was worth the hype. 

Step 1. Laniege - Facial Multi Cleanser. 

So smooth, and so soft.. Really easy to clean of stubborn make up off. 

2. Laniege - Power Essential Refiner. 

Toner la actually, surprisingly this does not sting the skin. Most toners I use tend to sting a little, even in the red spotted area. But this went on perfectly. 

 3. Laniege - Balancing Emulsion

This works as a moisturiser, again.. WOW! Try to use a facial cotton when you apply the toner and the moisturiser, it works better that way.

4. Laniege - Water Bank Essence

Let me just say, being in a humid country weather is always hot and you are always out in the sun.. Of course, you need to toughen up your moisturiser for your face.. So this water bank essence really plays the role it's supposed to.

5. Laniege - Water Bank Gel Cream

I think I've been saying this product really works and keeps your face very moist. So what more can I say about the Gel Cream? It really does keep my face looking extra hundred bucks, then again.. When I started using this product.. In 1 week, the changes could be seen!! 

6. - Laniege - Water Sleeping Mask


Only apply this once a week and only at night. You know, sometimes we sleep with the air conditioning on. So this helps to prevent your face being dried up because of the air conditioning. It helps to keep it moist. 

When I say I absolutely love this product... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! 


So here's my bare naked face without make up, and in the morning after a night's sleep. To be really honest, I love that my skin is looking extra youthful, extra healthy and of course extra good. 

Here's a video of my vain-ness and showing you guys how I use the products. These are my night and day routine daily now.. And I'm not complaining because I'm actually having that much fun doing this EVERY single day. 

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