Coffee Scrub

If I can DIY my own beauty or personal hygiene... I would do it! In a heartbeat, I would. So I recently learnt that Coffee / Caffeine can help with cellulites. What is Cellulite you ask? It's a form of skin infection that can cause soreness, redness and this really horrible looking skin that looks saggy. It's not something you should not know about, so please go and read more about it. 

Anyways, recently with the busy schedules I have for this month. I wanted to make sure I'm all decked out for whatever occasions that were coming my way. And I went online to do my research and found this.. COFFEE SCRUB that helps prevent cellulite. And it's really really easy to DIY! 

Here are all the ingredients you need. 

1. Empty Container
- So you need 1 empty container to keep all the ingredients together. 

2. Spoon
- To mix everything together.

3. Used Coffee Grounds
- Ever since the Restaurant opened, I've been collecting all the coffee grounds so that I am able to do this scrub.

4. Brown Sugar
- So brown sugar helps to deep in deeper with the scrub. Which is a good thing. Helps to also unclog the pores and also in grown.

5. Olive Oil
- Now olive oil always creates a layer of moist and helps to moisturise the skin even more.

6. Olive Oil
- I had no measurements at all. Just pour in the amount that I needed into the empty container.

7. Brown Sugar
- A spoon or two full of brown sugar. *Yummy* You can already exfoliate your dried lips already.

8. Coffee Ground
- And now a big chunk or two of the coffee grounds.

9. Mix it up
- Mix everything together.

10. And you are done!!
- Soooooooo easy right??!!

So your coffee ground will end up looking like this.. Moisty and scruby.

Rub it on wherever you need... Easy peasy..

I promise your legs will feel soooooo good after this. 
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