2016: Best Is Yet To Come.

Hello Love,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In a blink of an eye, here we are 2016. There are so many things I am thankful for in the year 2015, as every year passes.. I learnt new things, face new challenges, take risks and grow wiser a little more. (Perks of being married) Last year, I got to travel a little more and explore a little.

As for 2016..

I just know it, the best is yet to come. 

As always, every year I give myself a new years resolution. This year, for goodness sake. I'm going to strive to achieve it. 

1. Live a healthier lifestyle. Exercise daily, drink more water, choose healthier food choices and STOP JUNK FOOD eating.

2. Read a book every day. At least a page or two, or before bed. These days we are often too caught up with social media and games from the AppStore or PlayStore. I want to sleep, without touching my iPad or iPhone. 

3. Family comes first. By hook or crook, every year I try to make an effort for them.. But I end up neglecting them still. I want them to know they are loved everyday of my life. 

4. Think positive and having a clear head. You'd be surprise your mind can be the strongest controlling system in your body. Be positive, flush out every negativity. 

5. Work hard, but play hard too. 

6. Love yourself. There's only one of me in this world. I'm going to put myself first instead of others. 

7. Travel. Adventure is out there, seize it. When you get the chance to..

8. To blog and Dayre more. (I say this every year.... )

9. Make full use of my gym membership. Damn it Jatomi, I'm sorry.. I shall visit soon. 

10. Stop believing in everything I read online. 

11. Sugar intake needs to stop.

12. Wake up early and make the bed.

13. Lead by example. 

14. Inspire people. 

Here's to the new year. 
Let's make it the best year ever shall we? 

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