#OOTD: Week 1.

Hello gorgeous people out there. As promised, I'm trying to keep up with my resolution which is to blog about my #ootd and also my make up and all. If you guys follow me on my Dayre some of you would have already seen my #ootd but on my blog, I will try to share a bit more details. 

Day 1. 

Top: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Uniqlo
Cardigan: Cotton On
Shoes: Fit Flop

Twas a casual day, 
I didn't wax. 
Thus the cardigan. 

Day 2.

Peplum Baju Kurung: Omar Ali
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Was a big day for a very close friend.
Congratulations Moe.
Damn expensive peplum baju kurung. 
But worth it. 
I think.
Now to figure out when to wear it again. 

Day 3.

Peplum Baju Kurung: WA Clothings. 
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Accessories: Louvisa 

Maurice's 2nd wedding reception. 
Got this from amazing dress makers. 
Check them out.
Insanely in love with this dress tho. 

Day 4.

Top: A gift from Le Hulk Hubster
Pants: DIY-ed it to shorts.
Shoes: Star Wars Bedroom Slippers from Uniqlo

Housewife duties. 
Stayed home. 
Clean face. 
Good or not? 

 Day 5.

Top: DTT Cutom made Tshirts
Pants: Nike
Shoes: Brooks

Workout day for mua.
Literally had to drag myself back to gym.
Been 3 months since I last worked out. 

Day 6. 

Top: Lauren Conrad
Pants: DIY-ed into short shorts
Shoes: Birkenstocks 

Busy day.
2 #ootd.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Charles & Keith 

Company Annual Dinner at Westin. 
It was supposed to be formal.
But oh well,
Cocktail dresses are considered formal right? 

 Day 7.

Oooops, sorry forgot about the ootd for today. 

Day 8. 

Top: Unknown
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith 
Accessories: Louvisa

Twas a fun and stressful day.
Dress down. 
But still a little dressy right? 

 Day 9.

Anarkali: Shimmerz (Bangsar) 
Shoes: Cotton On

Maurice's 3rd Wedding Reception.
Always go all out with Bollywood Theme.
Forced to dance.
Thank God I choose to wear Anarkali. 

 Day 10.

Top: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Toms

Easy and relaxing day.
Build my mermaid lego castle.
A Me day. 
That's for sure.

That's all for this whole week. Stay tuned every Monday to see what I wore for the past week. If you can't really wait.. GO SEE MY DAYRE. :) 

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