#OOTD: Week 2

Week 2, I dealt with inner emotions. Busy schedules and loads of running arounds. I got rid of my mermaid hair and decided to bring back my bangs that I had 4 years ago. Usually new year would mean a new look, but I decided to just throwback and go to something that I used to do. Also, I'm turning 3-0 this year, it's about time I look my age right? 

Day 11. 

Sorry, missed this day.
Literally exhausted from the weekend.
But I was in gym attire the whole time if you must know. 

Day 12. 

Top: Mirrorcle
Skirt: Kitschen
Shoes: Charles & Keith

The day I pamper myself.
Went for a wax and of course, 
Pedi Medi session too. 
(Check my instagram to see what latest #nailart I did.) 

Opted for a subtle make up, nothing fancy.
Brownish eye shadow. 

Day 13. 

Top: Calvin Klein
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Flats: Cotton On

Went to work.
Also did workout with personal trainer.
Running a restaurant.

Didn't have enough time for make up.
And my small tiny mirror sucked.
So this was as good as it goes.

Day 14. 

Top: Kitschen
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Today was the day I was #dealingwithdepression
I wasn't in the mood for anything.
Had to shop for new clothes with my in laws.

Even my make up was subtle.
And of course, waterproof mascara. 

Day 15. 

Top: Kitschen
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Toms

Too lazy to do anything to my hair.
Was still #dealingwithdepression
But managed to pull myself together.

Makeup this time. 
I made more effort.
I really need to invest in a good camera that can capture the colors and everything.

Day 16.

Top: Zara
Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Was the day I wanted to change and bring back memories.
And of course, finally..
Monica decides to allow me to have my bangs.
I even cut my hair 2 inch shorter.

No eyeshadows
No eyeliners
Just mascara and red lips. 

Day 17.

Dress: Tailor Made (It's called Lengha) 
Duppata (shawl): Kiran's Fashion

 Maurice's final wedding reception.
Checked into A Loft at KL Central.
Loooooonnngg day,
but well spent with family and loved ones.

Make up was of course all out drama.
Bold eye liners.
Even wearing my contacts.
Red lips,
My usual go to to look extra glammed or dolled up.
Even thonged my hair. 

Been a tough week but hey I'm not going to let a few bad days ruin me. Gonna try to pick myself up and just go with the flow. So far, so good. 
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