#OOTD: Week 3

OMG! How time flies! 3rd week into 2016 and already so many things have been going on. This week was honestly an emotional wreck. I blame the PMS. image But oh well, less talk about that and more talk about my #ootd for this week! 

Day 18.

Why do I always miss my Monday's #ootd?
Must be the long weekend.
Well Maurice's wedding is over. (Finally)
So I guess was not excited about being back to work either. image

Day 19.

Top: Mirrorcle
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: TOMS

I was too lazy to dress up honestly.
Yeah I know it was a Tuesday and I had to look decent.
But this was the best I could do. 
Also had gynea check up.
Was not happy and of course it affected my whole week.

Make up I decided to go for bold navy blue eye shadow.
Creating somewhat a smokey eye, so subtle lips it was. 
Overdosed on waterproof mascara to prevent tears from ruining face. 

Day 20.

Top: Kitschen
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: TOMS

I had 2nd gynea visit.
Tests after tests.
Jabs after jabs.
Pills after pills.
It was killing my own emotion.
I was really down that day.

Make up was not really on point. 
Didn't do anything special. 
I opted for eye shadow liners and simple red lips. 

Day 21.

Top: From Langkawi
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Yellow Submarine from VANS

Was still down with all the check up chaos.
But, life goes on.
Had a busy day to cry. 

Looking at the picture I see my puffy bags edited away.. 
And my small eyes. image
But oh well. 

Saree: Banarasi Saree from India.

Had a wedding to attend at night.
So I dressed myself up. 
In a saree.
This saree was a gift from Le Hulk Hubster. 
Something he got from India when we were there last year.
The colors did brighten up my day somehow. 

I wanted dramatic arabic-ish eye make up. 
Can't really see it here can you? 
You can see a close up of it on my Dayre. 

Day 22.

Top: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Wakai

In 1 week I had to visit my gynea 3 days in a row.
I was emotionally drenched.
But had to keep telling myself to be strong.

Makeup was extra subtle.
The pink lips to draw attention away from them eyes. 

Day 23.

Jumpsuit: Bought from Singapore.
Shoes: Cotton On

Was too lazy to dress too fancy.
Jumpsuits are always the comfiest.
I need to go find more.

Make up was on point.
Had this emo look.
Dark lips and simple eyes.

Day 24. 

Dress: Nichii
Shoes: (Which is hidden from Charles & Keith) 

Cheerful day today.
Childhood bestie got engaged.
I wanted to remember this day.
And have a cheerful mood.

Make up was also on point today.
Thanks to make up. 

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