Adore Me

Valentines Day is around the corner. You know the thing is us women, we've always thought let the men do the thinking.. Let them make us feel like queens on this one special occasion. Why not we do something for the men too? Ladies, it's about time we give our awesome husbands / boyfriends a night to remember? 

How do we do that? Easy, check out Adore Me. ( The sexy valentines day collections are to die for! 

Hide a gorgeous piece of panties and bra underneath a glamorous skirt. Surprise him.

Or better yet, if you are doing a home cooked meal. Wear this.. And only this.. 

Then again, if you choose to be in your comfiest pyjamas after a long dinner date and want to be in your comfiest watching movies / netflix at home.. Wear something comfy. 

Reasons why I absolutely love Adore Me's lingerie.. 

1. They are affordable. US$39.95 for one set! 

2. Size don't matter! SERIOUSLY! They have sizes for all! 30D - 42G for the Bra Sizes and Lingerie from XS - 6XL!

3. New lingerie showroom each month!! How many different sexy lingeries you can get!! OMG!!

4. Free Shipping and Exchanges (Only available in the US)

5. The beautiful designs! They've got a designer Helen Mears who was a former head of design at Victoria's Secret and now working with Adore Me.

6. The comfort of the bras and panties. Yeah, it can be a torture wearing a bra. But Adore Me bras are absolute comfort.

What more reasons can I give you? Ok fine, if there is any men reading my blog.. And you want to get something lovely for your wife / girlfriend / crush. Get them Adore me. You get to choose how you want them to look for Valentines Day.

What are you waiting for? Valentines Day is around the corner.. HURRY!! Grab your set of Adore Me bra & panties or lingerie set NOW!! 

*Click Here* To check out their website! 

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