#clareloves: Tell the story of meeting your significant other...

I am still in the mood for love this past few days. So I thought I'd share another journey of mine with you folks. Another new tags, love stories.

Tell the story of meeting your significant other...

Everybody has their own love story. Their own journey in life how they fell in love, how they had the most romantic love story ever told.. So here's mine.

Year 2004, I was still a college student in KDU. Like any other college student, of course I needed a part time job to earn some extra cash. So along with another course mate Sofia, she brought me to Italianiese to get a part time job. 

I was not as keen to work in a restaurant at first. But oh what the heck, extra cash. Was my first time working in the restaurant mind you. So this dude who was the restaurant manager then was very arrogant and "lansi" and all the more I was soooooo not keen to work there at all. Somehow, I can't recall how.. I ended up working there. 
That lansi and arrogant restaurant manager then gave me the role of the hostess. I had to just bring guests to the table, talk to them, smile, serve them with a smile... yada yada.. you know what a hostess does. Oh well, work didn't pay much then it was RM4.50 an hour.. The thing that annoyed me most was this restaurant manager was damn annoying! He would tease me "Eh! You know you look like hamster la!", "Sofia! Your friend looks like a hamster la." He would not leave me alone!! SOOOOOOOOooooooo Annoying! 

Anyways, I had an ex boyfriend then, we would call and text each other every hour and second. Talk to each other and what nots.. We were very young then, and we didn't know much then. Long distance relationship did not go very well.. 
Of course, then I decided to quit my part time job. I mean hello, broke up.. (Ha ha, dramatic) 

This restaurant manager ended up being close to me. He would call me every night, just to talk to me on the phone.. There was some comfort knowing that there was a friend there. So yeah, that annoying restaurant manager was non other than the very own Le Hulk Hubster. 1 week after the break up, I hooked up with Le Hulk Hubster, I am not ashamed to say.. He was my rebound. (He knows it) 

Our relationship was a hard one. We went through so much. 2005 a lot of tragedy hit me. Loosing people I love most in my life and all took a huge impact on me. But this man right here.. He never gave up on me. He would fight and struggle to comfort me in many ways. Come to think of it, he was the only one I could turn to. 

Though out our whole 12 years of relationship. We did break up a couple of times.. But somehow.. Ha ha ha.. I'd say breaking up just kept getting us closer to each other. 

Ok so I'm only supposed to talk about how we met.. For the rest of the story.. You guys have to stay tuned.. 

Whatever it is.. All I have to say. I married my rebound, and for the past 12 years of my life.. I have never been happier. Here's to more love story that we will share.
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