#Claremories: My first Memory of Love was...

Happy Valentines Day to all my dear readers. image Yes, you...

I decided that today would be a good day to bring back a little bit of memories and to share my first memory of love.

My first memory of LOVE was..

My maternal grandparents.

Growing up as a child, I had two very special people in my life. My maternal grandparents. (I believe a lot of you know my story) These two very special people took care of me and brought me up like their very own little girl. These very special people, is the reason why I believe in love.

My first memory of love...

As a toddler, I remembered Frank Sinatra's The Way You Look Tonight being played often whenever Ah Kong (maternal grandfather) was back from work. He would walk up to Ah Ma (maternal grandmother) who is busy in the kitchen, grab her by the waist and start dancing with her. How he would sing to her the way Frank Sinatra did, serenading her and always holding her close. Ah Ma would nag at Ah Kong for taking house chores attention away from her, he would continue dancing ignoring her nagging.. And me, I would just attempt going in between the both of them looking for attention, eventually Ah Kong would carry me up and end up dancing with me in his arms.

How they loved to suddenly dance. Just the two of them, in the middle of a dinner. So long as Ah Kong heard his favourite singers, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.. He would just grab Ah Ma and start dancing with her.

Here's a photography proof of how in love they both were. See Ah Kong serenading Ah Ma as they dance the night away?

Ah Ma, she was more of a singer. And she loved Theresa Teng so much. She would be singing all the chinese songs and Ah Kong would pretend he understood the meaning and lyrics of the song. The love these two had was often inseparable.

Valentines Day, to Ah Ma was often a day she nagged at Ah Kong even more. He would buy roses for her and give it to her. He would only buy roses for her because Ah Ma's name was Rosa, she was the rose to Ah Kong. The only rose he needed in his life.

She would often get so annoyed that he wasted money on her, she would nag at him "Why you waste money a? Haiyo! Buy me better present la!" The very next day.. She would bring that bouquet of roses and bring it to church and put it right at the alter. image Yeah, my grandmother would treasure the gifts he showers her with, but she always must nag him a little first.

But the cuteness these two had.. Gave me hope for true love.

2008, Ah Kong had stroke. It was the hardest journey we were all put in. As for Ah Ma... She was affected the most. Ah Kong was paralysed and he could not move around on his own, Ah Ma would always help him whenever she could. She'd wake up, go to him.. This cheeky Ah Kong of mine would be pouting his lips waiting for a kiss from Ah Ma, and my dear Ah Ma would kiss him and wait for him to kiss her back.

He would be on his chair, and she right next to him. The way he stared at her.. I could see how much he loved her. They never wanted to leave each other. Even on Ah Kong's last moments.. All he ever wanted was to see Ah Ma, by then.. Ah Ma had Alzheimers. She could not remember who Ah Kong was. I know deep down, it killed Ah Kong a lot to see her that way and he could not do anything. He would do anything to help her or be with her.

At Ah Kong's funeral. We were surprised Ah Ma knew who passed and that she cried. She kissed the coffin and said "Bye Joe, see you soon."

6 months after he passed, Ah Ma passed. It was as if even in death, both of them were always somehow together. We often said Ah Kong had to go first to look for a nice place so that Ah Ma can live happily in heaven with him.

My grandparents taught me so much about love. Both of them were my role models, my angels. I prayed that I find a husband that is like my Ah Kong, I prayed that I would be a good wife like Ah Ma.

Here I am today. Married to Le Hulk Hubster, someone who does not dance like Ah Kong, but will attempt to serenade me with Hindi songs, and I would act as if I understood every single verse he sings. Someone who loves me just as how Ah Kong loves Ah Ma.

Someone who like Ah Kong always wants to give the best for me.
Someone like Ah Ma who loves me unconditionally through my good and bad.
Someone who has bits of my maternal grandparents personality in him.

Here we are writting our love story, inspired to be like Ah Kong and Ah Ma and hoping that in one way or another, we inspire people just like how they both inspired us. So there, here's my first memory of love.. Inspired by my maternal grandparents.

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