#Claretravels : Away for 2 weeks.

Hello dolls, 

If you popped by my blog yesterday and was hoping to see my updates on #clarewears . Sorry guys, I'm currently in Singapore on a business trip. No no, not honeymoon. Trust me, it's work. 
As many of you guys already know by now. Le Hulk Hubster opened another branch here in Singapore and currently he and I have been travelling up and down for work trying to get everything sorted. Eventually we will have to move here, but we need to sort out all our paper works and permits before we do things officially. Our company has already been set up, it's up and running since last year. 

Here's hoping a good year ahead this year for Directors Think Tank Pte Ltd. 

Right, so back to my #ootd. I'm so sorry guys, but I promise when I get back I will update the weeks that I have missed. And not to worry, here in Singapore I'm still doing my #clarewears so you won't miss it.

Had a hard time packing tho and figuring out what to wear.

Worst part of all, you are so used to look casual in Malaysia and never really business look and dressy and all. And you come to Singapore and you see all the ladies so well dressed.. Damn! Just Damn!! 

Oh well, bright side. People think I'm a tourist instead, so that will do. Guess the hairstyle plays it's role too. Hah! 

I will continue blogging every now and then. Dayre is still active as always, so stay tuned. 

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