#Clareviews: Casetify

Happy child mode. Finally got hold of my casetify cases for my phone and iWatch strap. image  I have been a loyal supported to Casetify for the longest time. They were then known as Casetagram, now they are known as Casetify. They custom make your phone cases and they have pretty gorgeous phone cases for sale online.

I always like to customise my own personal belonging. Kinda makes you feel that stuff solely belongs to you. 

When I first got my iPhone 4, it was when I found out about Casetagram. I immediately ordered my phone case and it came like 2 - 3 weeks later.

My first phone case from then Casetagram. I filled it with all my loved ones photo. Mostly family and my pets. image

Then Le Hulk Hubster got me iPhone 5s after, of course immediately I ordered another phone case.

This time pictures of my loved ones, family and friends #saharathepug and of course #iggytheiguana too. My wedding photos and so on. Gosh I was always in love with each and every case that ever came from Casetagram / Casetify.

So now that I upgraded my iPhone again, and Le Hulk Hubster got me an iWatch. Of course, I turn to my one and only.. Casetify.

Package took a while longer to arrive due to the CNY festive season. This time, phone filled with loved ones. Friends, family, of course my scaly baby and the furry one too. Pictures of my fairy god kids. Le Hulk Hubster and the other "2 husbands" my other family from Hello. I just love that I can carry pictures of my loved ones everywhere I go.

My watch strap has pictures of #iggytheiguana chilling, #saharathepug and me in our All Blacks jersey. And pictures of Le Hulk Hubster and me. 

So happy to have my very own case that no one else will ever have. image

Thank you Casetify.. image *click here* to check out their website or to order your own customized phone case or iWatch strap! 

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