Nail Tutorial: XOXO Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentines! Well truth be told, being with Le Hulk Hubster for over 12 years now. We don't celebrate or plan special dinners or what nots. We love each other unconditionally throughout every single day. Anyways, I though I'd do a nail tutorial. It's been a while anyways.. 

So here's the XOXO Valentines Nail Tutorial. (I cut my nails short this time again, but you can also do this look with longer nails) It's such an easy tutorial and it took me only 15 minutes. (Thus the messy nails cause I was too lazy to clean the sides.) 

1. Base Coat
- Always remember base coat is the most important thing you ever need when you paint your nails.

2. Base Color 
- I chose a pink and white on the ring finger so your nail art goes on there. 

3. Konad Stamps
- Using Konad stamping tool I stamped on the lips.

- Using a thin brush and acrylic paint you want to paint on the x's and o's,

5. Top Coat

Such an easy nail art. To those who are lazy but still want to have good looking nails. Here, this is the easiest I could come up with. And seriously it took me only 15 minutes. Try it! Don't forget to take a picture and send it to me too! *winkz*

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