#LonjMaison : Reading Corner

Our home has a hashtag now. imageWe call our home #lonjmaison. Le Hulk Hubster and I bought this place with our hard earned money and of course, we want to make it the homiest home ever. I mean it's our first place bought together, so after all these years.. We are doing things up bit by bit to make a home feel like a home we both wanted. 

Recently, we did up our "work area" and I finally got my little reading corner for myself. I'm such a book freak that I begged Le Hulk Hubster to give me a small corner for my readings and relaxations. He was reluctant to give me a small space at first because I already have an office downstairs, so in the end.. He gave in. image

Here's my little reading corner right next to our "work area".

Nothing fancy, just a book shelf filled with books and photos of my loved ones. And a nice bean bag for me to lay and read my books. Wanna see close ups of what I'm reading? 

So on our first shelf, we have these. The more encyclopedia -ish kinda books. Mostly about my pets and Le Hulk Hubster's Porsche cars.. image

Then we have these books. I love reading about women rights, how women make their stand. Love stories are my ultimate go to books. Adventures or love in the olden days and loads more.

Sometimes, my taste for books are just plain weird. But hey... Goes to show I'm a sucker for love stories.

I'm a big Fifty Shades of Grey fan and Game of Thrones as you can already tell by now. Classics, I think Rudyard Kipling is my ultimate favorite.

Then there are my whole collection of the Little Black Dress story books. More Romance. Again, I'm a sucker for love stories. 

But out of these whole lot I have one particular book that is my all time favorite. 

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint ExupĂ©ry. When I was 12 I got this book as a gift from my uncle. I never understood the meaning of the story, until I got a lot older. This book is always the book I take out and read when I am stressed, depressed and annoyed with the world. With my nice cup of hot tea and this book. I can read it again and again and again. 

Told Le Hulk Hubster, the next Big Bad Wold sale, I am going for it. He stares at me blankly and replies "That is the only bookshelf you get. Your reading corner better NOT take over the work area!" imageWe shall see about that now..
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